Rates playgroups

Rates playgroups

Toddlers and pre-schoolers aged 2 to 4 come to play at our playgroups at least 2 days a week. Below you find a summary of our options and rates.

Rates 2024

Apply for childcare allowance or subsidy 

Our playgroups are covered by the Childcare Law. This means that you can qualify for either a childcare allowance or a subsidy from the municipality. This depends on your personal situation. Look here for the possibilities in Hilversum and in Soest.


At our playgroups, toddlers and preschoolers come to play 2 days a week. They can play here with other children in a challenging environment, doing activities that enhance their motor development and creativity. All-important is the development of their language and speaking skills. A half-day at the playgroup lasts 4 hours.

Early childhood education and care (voor- en vroegschoolse educatie, VVE)

We work with the early childhood education programme, which focuses on the Dutch language skills, familiarization with mathematics and a child’s social-emotional development. This programme enables us to identify and remedy developmental delays at an early stage. Bink uses the Uk & Puk method. 

Montessori playgroups

At two of our playgroups in Hilversum we work with the Montessori Method. The basic principle is that the child is an individual with his / her own talent and character, who goes through the various stages of development in his / her own pace. We work in close cooperation with the Montessori school. Our Montessori playgroups are: playgroup Montessori Centrum and playgroup Montessori-Zuid.

Anthroposophical playgroup

Zonnestraaltje is a playgroup with an anthroposophical basis. There is a lot of attention for the individual child. Zonnestraaltje is located in the building of free school De Windkanter.

English-speaking playgroup

Bink has one English-speaking playgroup: The International Playgroup in Hilversum. This playgroup is located on the premises of IPS Hilversum (Rembrandt Location).