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About Bink

For more than 30 years, we have committed ourselves to the well-being of children and their parents. Bink is a registered non-profit organisation and our main goal is to provide high-quality childcare. A place where children feel safe and secure and where each child can develop as well as possible.

To achieve this goal, we continuously invest in quality: improving our services, training our staff and maintaining our facilities. Ensuring a financially healthy organisation is prerequisite for providing quality and continuity for parents. Our core values are the starting point for everything we do: we are committed, professional and think in possibilities.


We feel committed to children and their parents and therefore look at and listen to what children and parents need. As a social organisation, we contribute to the development opportunities of all children, including children who need extra care, and offer them a safe, secure and challenging place.

Since the municipalities have become responsible for child welfare, we consider it our duty to contribute to this. We are also increasingly confronted with children who need extra attention in order to develop positively. Detecting problems at an early stage and a ready response, cooperating with parents and schools and adequate referral if it proves necessary are aspects that could enhance the development opportunities for children.


We set high standards for our quality, which means that we continuously learn and improve and provide quality assurance. Well-trained and motivated employees are crucial. This is why we train and coach our staff every year.

Thinking in possibilities

Bink has many partners, including municipalities, schools and health care institutions, with which we often have worked together for years. But we also work together with sports clubs, schools of music and community organisations. Together with our partners, we want to respond to the changing needs of parents, children and society.

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