The costs

Good and affordable childcare

Bink is a non-profit childcare organization. Our principle: to offer good and affordable childcare, with many extras for your child.

All-in rates

Our rates include many extras, so you will not face any unexpected costs. At our day care centres, nappies, feeding bottles, milk formula and meals are included. For out-of-school care, we arrange free transport to swimming lessons and various sports clubs. You do not pay anything extra for outings either. 

Calculate your net monthly charges

The rates in our charts are gross rates. If you combine work or study with the care of your child, you will often be entitled to childcare allowance. As a result, your net costs will be much lower. Your monthly costs will depend on your personal situation. Use the calculation tool from the tax authorities for a calculation of your net costs.

The playgroup: applying for benefit or subsidy

If your child attends the playgroup, as parent(s) you are eligible for a contribution to the costs: childcare allowance from the Tax Administration or subsidy from the municipality. This depends on your personal situation. Look here for the possibilities in Hilversum and in Soest.

Questions or in need of assistence?

If you have questions about the rates, or would you like advice on the childcare most suitable for your personal situation, our Customer Service employees will be happy to help you. Phone 035 683 44 99 or send an e-mail to

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