Daycare for babies: undivided attention

Daycare for babies: undivided attention

We look after your baby with the utmost care in a specially designed room for babies. They have their own cot and are taken care of by a loving, well-trained staff, who pay genuine attention to your baby. And to you too! What do you think really counts? What do you want us can to pay attention to? We follow your routine at home regarding eating and sleeping. Talking about eating and sleeping: we provide formula, sleeping bags, diapers, so you need not bring anything.

We give babies what we call our “undivided attention”. This means that we feed babies calmly, cradling them on our laps and give them our full attention when changing their nappies, putting them to bed and picking them up again after they wake up. We maintain eye contact, talk softly to them and name what we are doing and what your baby is doing. We keep a close eye on the signals your baby gives off and monitor if they are tired, ready for a different toy or just want a cuddle.

Peace and quiet is therefore very important for the baby group, which is why only a minimum of adults are permitted to walk in and out at any time. Babies get lots of room to move around in the floor playpen or on the mat to enhance their development. Cuddling, reading books and singing together are activities that babies enjoy and also enhance their development.

Sleeping safely

Newborn babies often sleep for much of the day. We follow the sleep rhythm from home and put your child to bed when he is ready. We have separate bedrooms, with private beds, that meet all safety requirements.
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Eating together

Eating together with your peers, discovering what you like, learning new things from each other, that is wat eating meals together at the daycare centre is all about. We acquaint children with healthy nutrition from an early age in a playful and fun way. After all, this is how we create habits that last a lifetime.
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Good to know:

  • Our babies spend as much time as possible outdoors: our spacious, green gardens have special baby areas where the little ones can safely lie, roll and crawl.
  • At many of our locations we have special outdoor cribs, so called Lutje Potjes, in which babies often sleep soundly.