Pedagogical approach

Pedagogical approach

We want to actively contribute to the children’s development. Parents are naturally the primary educators, but they entrust their children to us for a part of the week. We take this responsibility very seriously and therefore pay a great deal of attention to our vision of the development of children and our working method. We refer to this as our pedagogical policy.

Our pedagogical policy plan

What matters to us? Which values do we apply in our work? In our pedagogical policy, we explain what we do and why we do it. This is constantly evolving, because we continue to talk to parents, members of staff and pedagogues. This allows us to further improve our service and our way of working.

This plan includes our mission, vision and the core values that we adhere to and how we view children. “Happily growing together” is the approach we take every day. How we do that is explained using the petals of our pedagogical flower.

Pedagogical flower

We adhere to four pedagogical principles:

  • I have value
  • Together with others
  • Playfully exploring and discovering
  • Exercise and balance

Our conduct in the group is governed by these principles. The principles are intrinsically linked and reinforce each other. A child who feels healthy and fit often feels good about him or herself. A child who feels good about him or herself will be more inclined to explore and establish social connections with other children. Positive interactions with other children in turn contribute to a positive self-image.

Together, these principles form a flower. The flower helps us to communicate with each other and with parents and partners about our pedagogical vision and policy.

Read pedagogical policy

Download our pedagogical policy plan (pdf) via the download button below.

Bink pedagogical policy plan


Pedagogical work plans

Our general pedagogical policy is laid out in the aforementioned policy plan. Some aspects have been further developed in other documents, such as the pedagogical work plan of the individual locations. You will find this on your location’s web page. It also contains specific agreements that apply to that particular location.