Kdv Duinpaleis

Kdv Duinpaleis

Daycare location Duinpaleis is situated in a sheltered area in the South of Soest, close to forests and dunes. The building has two separate wings, one for babies and one for toddlers. Each wing has its own play area with a view of the garden. The designated play areas are set up to meet the needs of the children’s specific age group. The large green garden also invites children to come outside and play.

What makes daycare centre Duinpaleis special?

  • Sheltered green garden, where the children can safely run, climb and clamber at their hearts’ content;
  • Spacious location with two seperatate wings, one for babies and one for toddlers;
  • Secluded baby garden, where the little ones can enjoy the outdoors;
  • Nice location near woods and dunes, where we regularly spend time, using the carts.

Bink daycare in short:

  • Loving, well-trained staff;
  • Special baby groups, where babies get a lot of attention and rest;
  • Formula, sleeping bags and diapers are included. You need not bring anything from home;
  • We follow the home rhythm regarding eating and sleeping;
  • Developing through play for toddlers and pre-schoolers: free play, exploring and doing stimulating activities in small groups every day.
  • Keep abreast of you child’s experiences via the parent app.