Kdv Bijenkolonie

Kdv Bijenkolonie

Bijenkolonie is a small-scale daycare centre with one baby group, one toddler group and one pre-school group. The characteristic feature of this location is that the rooms of all groups are adjacent to the naturally designed garden as well as the spacious games room. This allows the children to run, jump, move about and explore at their hearts’ content in all kinds of weather. Bijenkolonie is located in the Hilversumse Meent and therefore practically situated for parents from Bussum-Zuid, Ankeveen, ‘s-Gravenland en Kortenhoef.

What makes Bijenkolonie special?

  • Small-scale location in the Hilversumse Meent;
  • A healthy hot meal at lunchtime;
  • Large, naturally landscaped garden with open views, where children can explore, play and move about;
  • Safe baby garden for the little ones;
  • Large common rooms, adjacent to the playroom with play blocks and pillows and a piano.

Bink daycare in short:

  • Loving, well-trained staff
  • Special baby groups, where babies get  a lot of attention and rest
  • Formula, sleeping bags and diapers are included. You need not bring anything from home
  • We follow the home rhythm regarding eating and sleeping
  • Developing through play for toddlers and pre-schoolers: free play, exploring and doing stimulating activities in small groups every day
  • Keep abreast of you child’s experiences via the parent app