Bso Gigagroen

Bso Gigagroen

The out-of-school facility Gigagroen provides out-of-school care for the children of the Groen van Prinstererschool and is also located in this school. It is a small, cosy facility, where everyone knows each other. There are four common rooms, a large games room and a studio. We can also be found in the gym and the green playground doing all kinds of activities.

What makes Gigagroen special?

  • No travel time from school to the out-of-school facility;
  • Community school: there is a close cooperation between Gigagroen and the Groen van Prinstererschool;
  • Natural garden with wooden beams, rope bridge and boulders, among other things, and plenty of space to play freely;
  • Varied programme in the creative sphere, drama/theatre and sports and games.

About Bink’s out-of-school care facilities

Bink provides out-of-school care for children of all primary schools, so your child will always be able to attend out-of-school care with his or her schoolmates. They can play in their own group, participate in activities or just read a book on the couch. Relaxation and enjoyment are paramount.

Please, read more about our way of working at our out-of-school facilities.

What we do:

  • Play sports and exercise under the guidance of qualified sports leaders (preferably outdoors) each day;
  • Drama, dance and music workshops;
  • Cooking and doing handicrafts together.

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