International Playgroup

International Playgroup

International Playgroup is located on the premises of the International Primary School (Rembrandt Location) which is located in central Hilversum in a wonderful old Dudok building. After school care center Rembrandtplein is also located here.


We allow a maximum of 16 children per morning with two qualified pedagogical staff members. The playgroup is opened 40 weeks per year and observes the same holidays as the primary schools in Hilversum. Children can visit the playgroup 1 - 5 mornings a week, from 9.00 - 12.00 a.m. When they are 4 years old, children leave the playgroup to start primary school.

All kind of activities

We encourage the children to develop their English language skills. Some children who start at the International Playgroup have to learn the English language as a second or third language while others learn the English language as their mother tongue. We also encourage the children to be as independent as possible: we offer them a daily routine and create a safe, fun, creative and stimulating environment. The children can play and learn together, but are also able to explore on their own.

Most of our children are from another country and reside in the Netherlands only on a temporary basis. It is not easy to settle in another country and therefore we think it is very important to help and support each other as much as possible. We can learn from each other's culture and experiences.

The playgroup teachers organize a summerparty every year. We also celebrate Christmas, Sinterklaas and Eastern together. The playgroup staff is always available to you if you need any information.

You are welcome to have a look at our playgroup and meet the playgroup teachers!


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