Rates Bink Playgroups Hilversum

Rates Bink Playgroups Hilversum

Playgroups in Hilversum fall under the Childcare Law. As a result, you may be eligible to receive childcare tax refunds or a subsidy from the municipality, depending on your personal situation. Additional information about the possibilities and rates for playgroups is given below. You will also find instructions on how to apply for cost compensation. Please note that different regulations apply to the International Playgroup.

Who can come to playgroup?

Playgroup is for children from 2 to 4 years of age who live in the municipality of Hilversum.

Two partial days at playgroup

In principle, you have the right to 2 partial toddler playgroup days per week. The parental contribution for 2 partial days per week as of 1 January 2024 is as follows: € 317.60 (family income higher than € 64,305.- per year) or € 273.34 (family income lower than € 64,305.- per year) per month. See chart below. Please note that this only applies if you have requested additional subsidy. Contact the planning department for this on 035 - 683 44 99. The charges are for 40 weeks of care per year. The total amount is divided into 12 equal monthly payments.

Family income 2024Daily periods per week (4 hours per day)Average hours per month*Price per hourPrice per month
Higher than € 64,305226,67€ 11.91€ 317.60
Lower than € 64,305226,67€ 10.25€ 273.34

* based on 40 weeks per year.

Four partial days at playgroup

If your child has a “VVE” indication from the Consultation Bureau, he/she may attend playgroup for 4 partial days per week, provided space is available. There are no additional charges for the 2 extra partial days.

Must always be requested! Contribution towards costs for playgroup

All parents can request a contribution towards the costs for playgroup. It is always necessary to request childcare tax refunds or a subsidy, even if your child has received a “VVE” indication.

There are two possibilities:

International Playgroup

When your child goes to International Playgroup the following rate applies as of February 1, 2024:

Days (partial) per weekAverage hours per weekAverage hours per monthPrice per hourPrice per month
2620€ 14.11€ 282.20

You pay for 40 weeks of childcare per year. The parental contribution is invoiced in 12 equal instalments.

Parents who are both employed or studying can apply to qualify for childcare tax refunds from the Dutch services for playgroup costs.

In need of assistance?

Do you need help applying for the childcare allowance or subsidy? Please contact Versa Welzijn. As a parent, you can make an appointment for free help with application for or change to the childcare allowance.

Contact Bink for free help in applying for the subsidy, on 035 - 683 44 99.