Child care

Happily growing together

For more than 30 years, we have committed ourselves to the well-being of children and their parents. At our daycare centres, playgroups and out-of-school care facilities we provide a safe, secure environment where children play, explore and have fun together.

Happily growing together

Playing and exploring the world... at a very young age children already socialise. At all our childcare facilities children learn to play together, to share and help each other. Every day, we look afresh at your child and his or her needs to help your child develop as well as possible in his or her own way and at his or her own pace!

Together with you!

Together with you, we look at what your child needs and what you need, as we like to make things a little easier for you. For instance, we daily provide a hot meal at some of our daycare centres to help you avoid unnecessary stress at the rush hour at home. 

At our out-of-school facilities we provide transportation and escort to sports clubs, swimming and music lessons. As a result, your free time with your child is really free time.

Our pedagogical staff will be happy to help you. If you wish, they will give you free advice. When your child eats poorly or does not want to go bed at night. We also organise regular parents’ meetings and courses, including a first aid for baby and child course (only in Dutch). Moreover, our pedagogue will give you free advice if you need help.

What are the costs?

How much you will need to pay for daycare is dependent on the kind of daycare you have chosen and on your income. Our rates vary according to the kind of daycare and the Childcare Law which determines how much childcare tax refunds you are eligible to receive.

Bink offers the following childcare options:

  • Care for an entire day on fixed days
  • Out-of-school care
  • Holiday care during school holidays and teacher conference days (with a minimum of 10 holiday days per calendar year).

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