Daycare centre

Daycare centre

Our daycare centres are spread over Hilversum, Soest, Soesterberg en Huis ter Heide, so there is always a location in your area! At our daycare centres babies, toddlers and preschoolers (0 – 4 years) can play and have fun with other children under the guidance of a steady team, in their own group and with a predictable daily routine. This makes children feel safe and secure, basic elements for optimal development.All our centres have their own character and atmosphere, thanks to their locations, buildings, outdoor areas and teams. Bink’s quality and professionalism, however, are the same everywhere.

Safe start for babies at Bink

We look after your baby with the utmost care in a specially designed room for babies. With their own cot and a loving, well-trained staff, who pay genuine attention to your baby. And to you too! What do you think really counts? What do you want us to pay attention to? We follow your routine at home regarding eating and sleeping. We acquaint children with healthy nutrition from an early age in a playful and fun way. After all, this is how we create habits that last a lifetime! Read more about healthy food at Bink. Talking about eating and sleeping: formula, sleeping bags, diapers are provided here, so you need not bring anything. More about out daycare for babies.  

Steady toddler / preschooler group 

From the age of about 18 months, your child will attend the toddler / preschooler group, an important starting point for exploring, learning and  playing. We call this a steady or designated group.

Developing through play for toddlers and preschoolers

At all our daycare centres we work with a unique programme  for toddlers and preschoolers developed by our pedagogues. We do daily activities with the children in small groups of toddlers and preschoolers aged 2+ and 3+. These activities stimulate all children’s development areas. More about developing through play.

Outdoor activities every day!

Our spacious, adventurous gardens invite children to play and explore. Every day, we go outside, even if the weather is not so good. This teaches children to experience the seasons, to play with fallen leaves, sand, wind, stomping in the puddles. There are plenty of natural materials and lots to explore. Being outdoors is also important for babies. We provide a safe, secluded baby garden and at many centres we have special outdoor cribs in which babies sleep very well.