Childcare allowance

Childcare allowance

Childcare allowance is a contribution towards the costs of childcare. The amount depends, among other things, on your income, the number of days you work and the number of children getting childcare.

For example: if one parent works 36 hours and the other one 20 hours, the allowance will be linked to these 20 hours.

  • When your child attends a daycare centre, you can request allowance for 140% of the working hours (of the partner who works the shortest hours).
  • When your child goes to an out-of-school care facility, you can request allowance for 70% of the working hours (of the partner who works the shortest hours).

In some situations you may get childcare allowance if you do not work.

The standard rate (normtarief)

Every year, the tax authorities frame a standard rate, which is a directive for the hourly rate of daycare and out-of-school care. You will get childcare allowance over this part of our hourly rate.
We therefore aim at keeping our hourly rate as close to the standard rate of the tax authorities as possible and therefore you will get childcare allowance over a larger part of the total costs.

The standard rates in 2019 are:

  • Daycare € 8.02 (2018: € 7.45) 
  • Out-of-school care € 6.89 (2018: € 6.95) 

Assessed income (toetsingsinkomen)

To apply for childcare allowance, you need your assessed income. When you have a partner, his or her income will be included for the allowance. The joint assessed income is the total income shown on your income tax return plus or minus any changes for the coming year.

How much childcare allowance can you receive at the most?

Per child, you can get childcare allowance for a maximum of 230 hours. In the allowance chart you will find the allowance percentage you receive for the first, the second and other children. The ‘first child’ is the child for whom you purchase most hours of childcare. If you have, for example, a 6-year-old child attending an out-of-school facility and a 3-year-old child attending a daycare centre, for the tax authorities your youngest child will be the ‘first child’, as you purchase more daycare hours for him / her.

Calculating your own costs

Your monthly net costs will depend on your personal situation. You may use the calculation tool of the tax authorities for a calculation of your net costs. If you want further information or would like us to make a calculation of your monthly costs, please get in touch with our customer advisers via 035 628 58 79. They will be happy to assist you.


For self-employed people the same rules apply as for those with an employment contract. The tax authorities request proof of you having worked the specified hours.