Childcare allowance

Childcare allowance

Childcare allowance is a contribution towards the costs of childcare. The amount depends, among other things, on your income, the number of days you work and the number of children getting childcare.

Should you make use of childcare, it is possible that you qualify for tax refunds. It is necessary for you and your partner to be employed, studying, following a work reintegration process or a citizenship process with a certified institution. For families with a single parent, different requirements apply. The amount of allowance depends on the childcare costs incurred and your income. You can obtain further information about childcare allowance by contacting tax services. It is also possible to request childcare allowance when contacting tax services. You may request childcare allowance up to three months after your child has started attending childcare, therefore, please do not wait too long to do so.

Inform tax services of any changes

Should there be any changes to your personal situation, or should you be making use of more or less childcare, please pass on this information to tax services. It is necessary for you to have a DigiD login code. It is possible to request one on the DigiD website.

Tax services has a new handy App for childcare allowance. It allows you to stay informed of your childcare allowance and see and make changes to your details.

It is possible to make an estimated calculation of your childcare costs and the consequences of (partially) changing your childcare package.

Should you prefer to make changes to your childcare allowance in writing, please call tax services (0800 0543) for the form. It is necessary for you to have your social security number at hand. It is also necessary to have your salary information (your provisional income tax returns, your annual statement or your salary slip).

Childcare maximum hourly rate 

The government determines the yearly childcare maximum hourly rate (normtarief). This is a guideline for the hourly rate for daycare and out-of-school care. You receive childcare allowance on this part of our hourly rate. We therefore aim to keep our hourly rate as close as possible to the maximum hourly rate as determined by the government. In this way, you receive childcare allowance over a larger part of the total charges.

The rate norm for 2024 is:

  • Daycare € 10.25 (2023: € 9.12)
  • Out-of-school care € 9.12 (2023: € 7.85)

Playgroup: requesting childcare allowance or a subsidy

Our playgroups also fall under the childcare law. This means that it is possible to qualify for either childcare allowance, or a subsidy from your municipality. This depends on your personal situation. View here the possibilities in Hilversum and Soest.