Transportation to sports clubs

Transportation to sports clubs

Once your child starts primary school, sports clubs will come into the picture, and the accompanying training. In Hilversum, we arrange free transportation to some sports clubs during out-of-school care hours. Children attending some of our out-of-school facilities in Hilversum can go to the hockey clubs HMHC and 't Spandersbosch in Hilversum or the soccer club HC & FC Victoria in Loosdrecht. In Soest children can go to various sports clubs. We arrange transportation and you pay only the cost of training (and the membership of the club).


Transportation to hockey practise

We offer you the possibility to enable your child’s hockey practise during out-of-school care hours in cooperation with the Hilversum Mixed Hockey Club (HMHC) and 't Spandersbosch. Bink arranges free transport to and from the hockey club. You need to arrange registering for and payment of the fees with the hockey club yourself.

Transportation to soccer practise

Your child can also go to soccer practise during out-of-school care hours. We cooperate with FC Victoria in Loosdrecht. The soccer training sessions are on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. Bink arranges free transport to and from HC & FC Victoria. You need to arrange registering for and payment of the fees with the club yourself.

How does it work?

You register your child for the soccer or hockey practise, with our online (Dutch) application form. Take care! We arrange transportation only if the training takes place on one of the days your child attends an out-of-school care facility.

Once your child is placed in a team and you know the day and time he will go to the training, you complete the registration form for transportation. Our planner will inform you when your child can start going to the training sessions with the out-of-school care minibus.


We offer you the possibility to let your child follow training sessions during out-of-school care time at various sports clubs in Soest. Click here for more information.