Hot meal at the daycare centre

Hot meal at the daycare centre

A hot lunch at the daycare centre, wouldn’t that be nice for your child? The meals are fresh, healthy and varied. Besides, children often eat better at the daycare centre than at home, since seeing other children eat, will make your child eat. An additional pleasant advantage is that you have the choice to give your child a sandwich or another hot meal at home in the evening. A hot meal at the daycare centre may help you start a quiet evening together!

What daycare centres provide hot meals?

We currently provide hot meals at two daycare centres in Hilversum: Avonturijn and Egelantier. At these centres all children get a hot meal instead of a sandwich at lunchtime.

At the daycare centres Dribbel (Hilversum), Tovertuin, Toermalijn and Bijenkolonie parents can choose between a hot meal and a sandwich. 

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