Transportation to swimming lessons

Transportation to swimming lessons

Your child getting a swimming A certificate? That is possible! The staff of our out-of-school facilities organise free transportation to several swimming pools and accompany the children before and after the swimming lessons. The children have to be 4.5 years old. The lessons last three quarters of an hour; the times of the lessons vary from pool to pool. The cost of the swimming lessons is at your own expense and varies from pool to pool.

Swimming during out-of-school care hours in Hilversum

For children attending one of our out-of-school care facilities in Hilversum we arrange (free of charge) transportation to:

Swimming during out-of-school care hours in Soest

For children attending one of our out-of-school care facilities in Soest we arrange free transport to:

How does it work?

  • First fill in the application form for transport to swimming lessons (see blue button in right-hand column). You can indicate a 1st and 2nd preference.
  • Our planner will then check when the swimming pool has availability and will inform you by e-mail. You can then arrange and pay for lessons at the pool.
  • A Bink employee (who can also be the driver) will bring your child to the swimming lessons and guide him or her to the changing room.
  • During swimming lessons, your child is the responsibility of the swimming pool.
  • After the swimming lesson, we will bring your child back to his location. Please note! If the swimming lesson lasts until 17:30 or later, you will collect your child from the swimming pool yourself.
  • Bink does not arrange transport during school holidays. If swimming lessons take place at the swimming pool during the holidays, you have to bring and pick up your child yourself.
  • Please note! During school holidays, the swimming lessons can take place at modified times, so please enquire at the swimming pool.
  • The swimming teacher can inform you about your child's progress during swimming lessons.

Swimming for the B-diploma

If you would like your child to continue swimming for the B-diploma, we can look at the possibilities together. Please contact our transport coordinator for this. Swimming for the C-diploma is not possible through Bink.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please contact our transport coordinator