Out-of-school care

Fun and adventure at the out-of-school care facility

Bink works closely with all schools in its area to provide a warm, pleasant and challenging place where children aged 4 to 13 can spend time after school hours. We value trusted staff and lots of personal attention and carefully observe your child’s needs. At the out-of-school facility your child can play freely, inside or outside, participate in activities and, of course, just relax on the couch with a book.

Plenty of activities and services

Every day, Bink’s out-of-school care provides plenty of activities. We spend quite some time playing sports and games and exercise a lot. There are special sports out-of-school facilities in Soest and Hilversum. View the web pages of our locations to get an impression of our activities and the atmosphere at these facilities.

We provide:

  • Every day sports and exercise in the gym or outdoors under the guidance of qualified sports leaders
  • A special sports out-of-school care facility for children aged 7.5 and older

From daycare to out-of-school care

Switching from a daycare centre to primary school is a big step, for children as well as for parents. It is also the time to reflect again on your children’s out-of-school care. Bink’s out-of-school care is of the same professionalism and quality as our daycare. And, at our out-of-school facilities fun comes first too!

We provide a pleasant switch from school to out-of-school care. Before actually starting out-of-school care, you and your child will get the opportunity to come and look around. Besides, your child will be able to get familiar with the new situation on one afternoon. Our groups are based on age, with a steady staff and as many as possible classmates and friends. We value a quiet start, as a 4-year-old child already has quite a lot to deal with. We take the time to listen to stories about school and carefully observe your child to find out about his or her needs: doing handicrafts in a relaxed way, playing a game or playing sports and exercising outdoors...

Before-school-care at the out-of-school care location

We provide before-school care at several out-of-school facilities in Hilversum and Soesterberg. Before-school-care is offered as of 7:30 a.m. until school begins. Children can have breakfast and play games together, or just relax and read a book. The staff will ensure that your child is brought to school on time. Check the location page in the right column to see whether your out-of-school care facility offers before-school-care and what the opening times are.