Toddler and preschooler: developing through playing

Toddler and preschooler: developing through playing

Playing freely and having fun are paramount in our toddler and preschooler groups. At all our centres we also work with a unique method for toddlers and preschoolers developed by our pedagogues. This method is all about the needs of toddlers and pre-schoolers: what does your child need for his or her development and how can our staff contribute best? By using this method we stimulate, through play but very focused, all developmental areas: sensory-motor, cognitive-language, creative-visual and social-emotional.

2+ and 3+ activities

The things toddlers and preschoolers understand, can do and enjoy change very quickly. They develop rapidly and therefore the activities are geared towards toddlers from the age of about 2 and preschoolers from the age of 3. Young toddlers, for instance, need doing and repeating. They start talking and want to name everything they see, hear and feel. They move about a lot and love to imitate. Preschoolers, from the age of about 3, tend to explore, play together and talk more. They fully enjoy playing different roles and we practise social skills.

Familiar themes

During a few weeks, we work around familiar themes close to your child’s world, such as My Body, Winter, Shopping and Family. By doing various activities, children learn by doing to understand and recognise links with the world around them. Besides, we give parents ideas and tips for games at home.

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