Our pedagogical coaches regularly blog about the themes and activities of our unique method: developing through playing. They also give tips about activities that you can do with your child while playing.

Blogs about pedagogy 

written by Marja, Selma and Joan

Let's all enjoy this summer!

How wonderful, the summer holiday has already started for Hilversum and is on its way for Soest! A period in which children and parents spend a lot of time together: fun! At the same time I hear many parents in the schoolyard saying 'That’ll be six long weeks'. Play dates are made, the availability of various (indoor) playgrounds and other outings are checked and then let’s just hope it will all work out well... Read more

Helping children settle-in

Most children need time to settle-in before their first time at childcare, in a new group or first school day. It is for them a new situation and they do not know what to expect. Children need to be given the time to adjust to new situations so that they can feel safe and secure. When they feel this way, there is more opportunity for development. In this blog, the pedagogue Selma describes how parents or guardians can guide children in the process of adjusting to change. Read more

The power of emotion for young children

A well-known situation: an angry toddler, lying on the ground in the supermarket, the hardware store, or simply in the middle of the sidewalk. Why do almost all toddlers do this? And what is the use? In order to find out why some toddlers show certain behaviors it is first necessary to understand a child’s development. A good emotional development contributes to a positive self-image and self-confidence. In this blog, we will inform you about young children’s personality and emotional development. Read more

Developing through Playing - creative development

Coloring, painting, cutting, pasting and clays, but also music, song, dance, drama and photography. By stimulating the creative development of children, they learn to cope with changes, they come up with creative ideas and solutions and they become more innovative and independent. In this blog Selma Volks, our pedagogical coach, gives tips on how to do that. Read more

Exercise encourages children to learn

If you ask children if they would rather sit at the table and do homework for 30 minutes, or if they would rather exercise, most would choose the second option. How great is it that we can combine learning and exercise! This blog will give you tips on how children (and adults too actually) learn better by combining learning with exercise. Read more


To a summer full of discovery!

This summer everything is just a little bit different than usual. However, whether you're going on holiday or staying at home, summer offers plenty of opportunities for quality time for you and your family. It's also a perfect time to go exploring with your child. At Bink we always encourage children to learn by doing, especially during the holidays! That's why we'll give you some tips in this blog on fun and entertaining activities you can do with your kids this summer. Here we go! Read more

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