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Why is my child being offered vegetarian food at daycare?

We choose a vegetarian menu because it is better for the environment and animal welfare. Of course, we think it is important that children get the nutrients they need for their development. The products we offer are varied and contain sufficient protein, vitamin B12, iron and zinc. Important nutrients that young children need to develop.Vitamin B12 is for instance found in eggs, tempeh and tofu, legumes, cheese and nuts. Dark (leafy) vegetables, mushrooms, nuts, seeds, kernels, legumes, whole grain cereals and certain fruits are good sources of iron. Zinc is found in nuts, dairy, cereals and seeds, among others.Our renewed nutrition policy is largely based on the Schijf van Vijf (Wheel of Five') This states that growing children need 50-100 grams of meat or meat substitutes per day. In practice, children easily meet this requirement at home during dinner. At day care, we offer eggs, beans and other legumes, puffed cereals, among other things, as a supplement during lunch. At after-school care, except during holidays, children are with us only in the afternoon and we offer a healthy snack of vegetables, fruit and cereals.