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My child’s birthday is coming up. Can he/she give a treat?

Time to celebrate! We will make it a festive day and if you like, your child is allowed to treat the other children. Many parents choose not to have their child offer treats on their first birthday, as this is a milestone they are not yet aware of. Children who attend out-of-school care have often already shared treats at school and therefore do not do so at the out-of-school care. But with or without treats, it goes without saying that we will make it a festive event, because after all, a birthday only comes along once a year!

If your child treats, please do ensure that the treat is small and healthy. Feel free to consult a pedagogical staff member or visit our Pinterest page for fun and healthy treats. Would you like your child to be able to treat the other children but prefer it to not be something edible? In that case, you can make it a group gift, such as your child’s favourite game or book.