Healthy food

Healthy food

Eating together with your peers, discovering what you like, learning new things from each other, that is wat eating meals together at the daycare centre is all about. We acquaint children with healthy nutrition from an early age in a playful and fun way. After all, this is how we create habits that last a lifetime.

Our nutritional policy is based on the Voedingscentrum’s (Dutch Nutrition Centre’s) Food Pyramid and the recommendations provided by Healthy Childcare. In short this entails fresh, healthy and varied nutrition. In choosing our products we prioritize foods that have been sustainably produced, which is better for the environment, nature, climate and animals.

We think eating together is an eminently enjoyable and social moment. It teaches your child to talk in a group and to listen to others. But, together with the children, we also plant and harvest tomatoes and strawberries, prepare dishes and set the table together.

Read in the flyer below what else we think is important around food and drink.

Bon appetit!


Luuk has always been a picky eater. That is why I was so pleasantly surprised to discover that he eats better at the daycare centre than he does at home. Simply because the children around him do it too. Watching others eat encourages eating!

- Joan, mother of Luuk (4 years old)