Psz Kwetternest

Psz Kwetternest

Kwetternest is a small-scale playgroup located in a secluded corner on the grounds of children’s farm De Veenweide, in the Overhees district. There is one cosy common room and a playground. The youngest toddlers come to the morning group. Is your child 3 years old? Then he/she is welcome at the afternoon group where the 3 to 4 year olds are being prepared for school!

What makes playgroup Kwetternest special?

  • Fixed, recognisable activity programme, which provides stability;
  • Two familiar, qualified pedagogical employees;
  • Separate afternoon group where the 3 to 4 year olds are being prepared for school
  • Plenty of safe room for playing indoors as well as outdoors.

The advantages of the afternoon group (3 to 4 years of age)

  • The children are offered different play materials and more depth in the themes that are presented. They are further in their development and can therefore better concentrate for longer periods of time. For example, if we are discussing colors, we can also discuss hues, from lighter to darker shades. We have suitable play materials that we use to do so.
  • We have more time to develop a child’s independence, such as, for example, by learning how to put on and take off your coat or shoes, or going to the toilet by yourself.
  • We spend a lot of time developing fine motor skills, such as learning how to cut with scissors, the right grip to use when writing with a pencil or painting with a brush, using a toy hammer to drive in small nails and using a puncture pen and mat to cut out shapes.
  • The children are given more challenging activities to stimulate their development. Playing together is also encouraged by putting the older children together in one group.

Do you want to take a tour at our location?

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