Psz Bereboot

Psz Bereboot

Playgroup Bereboot is located in the Prof. J. Waterinkschool, in the heart of the Smitsveen district. We make use of two bright community rooms in the school and each group has its own workshop area and various play areas. Outdoors we have our own separate playground. Toddlers are welcome to come and play at playgroup Bereboot two or four times a week. The groups consist of 16 children at most.

What makes playgroup Bereboot special?

  • There are two committed, qualified pedagogical employees for each group, so your toddler will always find familiar faces;
  • Plenty of room for playing: in addition to the community rooms, there is a large hall and the school’s games room;
  • Learning through play with Uk & Puk;
  • Early childhood education and care for target groups four mornings a week;
  • The primary school in the building will reduce the ‘big’ step for your pre-schooler when he /she turns 4.

Do you want to take a tour at our location? Call us directly to make an appointment.


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