Psz Windkanter - Zonnestraaltje

Psz Windkanter - Zonnestraaltje

Playgroup Windkanter is located in Waldorf school De Windkanter in Hilversum. The playgroup has two groups: Zonnestraaltje and Kleine IJsbeer. The interior space is light. We use natural materials as much as possible. If the weather allows us to, the activities take place outside. Zonnestraaltje consists of a maximum of 16 children.

Always welcome!
You are welcome to join us to taste atmosphere, get acquainted and see how our anthroposophical preschool interprets free preschool. For more information call us. Would you like to register your child? Then don't forget to indicate in the comments field that you prefer Zonnestraaltje after choosing psz Windkanter. 

What does a morning at Vrije Peuterspeelzaal Zonnestraaltje look like? 
The children are welcomed with their parents upon entry. After free play, we greet each other and the day in the morning circle, and wake up Gnome Pim. After the morning circle we go to the table to watch a table game, in this we experience the rhythm of the year in the stories.

This is followed by free play and the teachers prepare the fruit. We do activities such as wet in wet painting or drawing. We replay the morning game in our workshop and knead dough for buns. When the weather is nice, we go outside. After creative/free play or outdoor play time, we eat fruit and a homemade sandwich.

Then we are tired of playing and put Gnome Pim to bed. We put on our coats and shoes and walk hand in hand in a long line across the square to greet the waiting parents.

What makes Waldorf Playgroup Zonnestraaltje special?

  • An anthroposophical foundation.
  • A natural outdoor space with plenty of opportunities to play .
  • A large indoor playroom
  • A bright group room with a construction corner and doll's corner.
  • We offer activities that stimulate creative, language-sensitive or motor development of toddlers every day.