Psz Ienie Mienie

Psz Ienie Mienie

Playgroup Ienie Mienie is located in the Da Costa school on the Lieven de Keylaan in Hilversum (north), close to Media Park. A beautiful room has been allocated for the playgroup. It is also possible, on occasion, for the playgroup to use the school’s gym facilities. If the weather permits, children often play in the outdoor playground area. The playgroup consists of one group with a maximum of 16 children.

What makes the playgroup Ienie Mienie so special?

  • A small scale playgroup where everyone knows each other.
  • Plenty of space to play and discover, inside as well as outside. A large selection of items to play with and plenty of arts and crafts materials.
  • Fully certified and engaged staff to guide daily activities designed to enhance and support a child’s creativity, language development and motor skills.
  • A well-developed working relationship with the school and it’s after school program to support and provide good transition opportunities.
  • Plenty of parent participation and involvement, including many yearly activities.
  • Learning through play with Uk & Puk.

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