Psz De Wipwap

Psz De Wipwap

Already 25 years in existence, the playgroup de WipWap has recently relocated to the Kolhornseweg in Hilversum. It is a beautiful location, directly connected to the “hei”, allowing plenty of opportunities for both indoor and outdoor activities. The room has plenty of natural light and materials, as well as a wonderful view of its natural surroundings. If weather permits, children can often play outside and participate in many outdoor activities. The playgroup consists of one group with a maximum of 16 children.

What makes the playgroup the WipWap so special?

  • A diverse outdoor playground with many opportunities for discovery and play.
  • A bright and light room with a special designated area for building materials and dolls and a wooden camper.
  • Open five days a week.
  • Daily activities designed to enhance and support a child’s creativity, language development and motor skills.
  • The possibility to transition to the Kolhornse Hei out-of-school care in the same, familiar surroundings.

Do you want to take a tour at our location? Call us directly to make an appointment.


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