Kdv Speeldoos

Kdv Speeldoos

Daycare centre Speeldoos is located in a former nursery school, situated in the heart of the district Kerkelanden. It is a small centre with three groups: two toddler groups and one baby group. Everyone knows each other! In the same building you will also find playgroup Speeldoos and the out-of-school care facility Kerkelanden. For the children it is nice to see their brothers or sisters around every now and then. Parents only need to go to one place to pick up their children.

What makes childcare centre Speeldoos special?

  • Small centre with two toddler groups and one baby group: children spend their entire childcare time in the same group with familiar caregivers and play with children of different ages.
  • The enclosed natural garden offers tree trunks, stepping stones, a wooden amphitheatre, a willow tunnel, climbing frame and a watercourse. Plenty of challenges for the children!
  • There is a studio in the hall with various materials, including paint, chalk and painting boards on which the children can express their creativity.

Bink daycare in short:

  • Loving, well-trained staff;
  • Special baby groups, where babies get  a lot of attention and rest;
  • Formula, sleeping bags and diapers are included. You need not bring anything from home;
  • We follow the home rhythm regarding eating and sleeping;
  • Developing through play for toddlers and pre-schoolers: free play, exploring and doing stimulating activities in small groups every day;
  • Keep abreast of you child’s experiences via the parent app.