IKC Villa Vrolik
IKC Villa Vrolik

IKC Villa Vrolik

Villa Vrolik is the first integrated children's center in Hilversum. Bink childcare and Stip Hilversum have combined their strengths, knowledge and expertise in a collaborative effort to create the IKC, the "integraal kindcentrum". Villa Vrolik combines a selection of toddler playgroups, education and out-of-school care in one location. From a logical, centralized organization, it will function as a whole, with leadership, one team and most importantly a uniform pedagogical vision and methodology. It is located in a brand new building in the Anna's Hoeve neighbourhood, providing a fun and safe environment for children to learn and play together.

IKC Villa Vrolik offers a total package of education and daycare for children between the ages of 2 and 13. The new IKC is a place where children will be encouraged to learn, discover and develop themselves on an individual basis as well as with others. Plenty of opportunities will be presented inside the classroom as well as outside, forming what we call a "limitless learning environment"!

Children attending the Lorentzschool (grades 1 to 4) can go directly to their out-of-school care location after school. There are four groups: the youngest children will be welcomed in rooms especially set up for them. The oldest children will be able to use the learning areas especially designed for multi-purpose use. The children attending the playgroups will also be able to use these facilities. Toddlers are welcome to come and play for 2 mornings a week.


What makes IKC Villa Vrolik special?

  • Primary schook, out-of-school care and playgroup under one roof
  • A uniform pedagogical vision and methodology
  • One team to take care of all of the children
  • Before-school care as of 7:30 a.m. on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
  • Many opportunities to play on multiple playgrounds, playroom and art studio
  • Close to nature in Anna's Hoeve and to the 'Vrolik mountain' playgrounds
  • Frequent use of the Cruijff Court to play football at HSV Wasmeer

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