Bso-<i>i</i> Ziezo

Bso-i Ziezo

Ziezo is our second out-of-school care location for children attending a special needs primary school. Characteristic of this out-of-school care location (bso-intensive) is that the children are cared for in a small group. Much the same as in their primary school environment, they are offered to participate in clear and structured activities. Bso-i Ziezo is open on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. On Fridays the children are welcome at bso-i Binkies. In holidays and study days Ziezo is opened from 8:30-18:00.

Extra personal attention for every child

Out-of-school care Ziezo has one appointed group for children between the ages of 4 to 12. Due to its small size and fewer number of children, we are able to provide each child with extra personal attention. Two pedagogical staff members are present on a daily basis to care for a maximum of 10 children. Children receive specialist guidance at Ziezo: some of our staff members are college educated (hbo).

Plenty of room to play for children of all ages

The set-up of the group is especially designed to entice all children to play. There are designated, separate areas for building with blocks and for creating with arts and crafts. There is also a special area with computers as well as a lounge area where children can read a book or listen to music. Even if the weather is bad, children can still have a great time playing in the gym, the playroom and every day we use the hall that is adjacent to the group room, where we can also do activities or sit quietly for a while.

Large outdoor play area

After school, children can play on the playgrounds of the Annie M.G. Schmidt School. We mainly use the backyard where we can run, steppe, climb and clamber and do activities in the football cage. The children will feel at ease as they will already be familiar with these playgrounds. 

Structured activities presented with pictograms

When the children get out of school, they are first able to play freely, indoors or outdoors. Afterwards, staff and children enjoy a snack together and go over their day, with the help of pictograms. Pictograms are cards depicting a picture or symbol. Children are offered to participate in two different activities each day. The activities may sometimes be age-related, but are mostly suited for children of all ages. They are offered to play or participate in sports activities every day.