Bso Heidepark

Bso Heidepark

Out-of-school care Heidepark "nature" is located in a beautiful, wooded area known as Anna's Hoeve, at scouting Heidepark. Its beautiful location is the perfect place for outdoor activities such as mountain biking, fishing and scavenger hunts in the forest (yes, kids can get dirty!). The out-of-school care Heidepark makes use of natural materials to give it a sturdy, outdoorsy atmosphere, in this way directly connecting the indoor areas to the great outdoors. Most activities take place outside, including great bike rides.

Transport by bicycle

Heidepark is the out-of-school care location for children aged 8 and older attending the Lorentzschool. Children will be picked up by bicycle from school. 

What makes Heidepark special?

  • A nature-theme out-of-school care location in a beautiful, wooded area
  • The perfect location to play and participate in fun outdoor activities
  • Before-school-care on Monday and Tuesday from 7:30 a.m. at out-of-school care location Avonturijn (Melkfabriek 3)
  • Close to the 'Anna's mountain' with many outdoor playgrounds
  • Use of the Cruijff Court to play football at HSV Wasmeer

About Bink’s out-of-school care facilities

Bink provides out-of-school care for children of all primary schools, so your child will always be able to attend out-of-school care with his or her schoolmates. They can play in their own group, participate in activities or just read a book on the couch. Relaxation and enjoyment are paramount.

Please, read more about our way of working at our out-of-school facilities.

What we do:

  • Play sports and exercise under the guidance of qualified sports leaders (preferably outdoors) each day;
  • Drama, dance and music workshops;
  • Cooking and doing handicrafts together.

Bink’s extras

  • Your child can take his or her swimming certificate during out-of-school care hours. We provide free transportation and escort to the swimming pool.
  • A special sports out-of-school care facility for children aged 7 years and older.
  • An extensive programme during holidays.
  • Keep abreast of you child’s experiences via the parent app.