Bso Hasselbraam

Bso Hasselbraam

The out-of-school care facility Hasselbraam is located under one roof with the Van Hasseltschool and the Alberdingk Thijm College Zuid. This out-of-school care facility has a total of four groups. The children are given free rein in the large kitchen, can act on stage, be creative in the studio or play sports in the school’s gym.There is a close cooperation between the schools and the out-of-school care facility in the Brede School Hilversum-Zuid. Together, we aim at enhancing the development of children and youngsters aged 2 to 18 and at better attuning to their talents.

What makes Hasselbraam special?

  • This out-of-school care facility is part of the Brede School Hilversum-Zuid. Joint activities in the field of cooking, sports and games, creative and theatre/music are regularly organised.
  • For the older children there is a quite a cool room for the boys and a chill room with a covered balcony for the girls.
  • In addition to spending time in the large playground, we often go to the heath for a breath of fresh air.

About Bink’s out-of-school care facilities

Bink provides out-of-school care for children of all primary schools, so your child will always be able to attend out-of-school care with his or her schoolmates. They can play in their own group, participate in activities or just read a book on the couch. Relaxation and enjoyment are paramount.

Please, read more about our way of working at our out-of-school facilities.

What we do:

  • Play sports and exercise under the guidance of qualified sports leaders (preferably outdoors) each day;
  • Drama, dance and music workshops;
  • Cooking and doing handicrafts together.

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