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Grand Opening International Daycare!

Yes! International Daycare! Bink has a new bilingual childcare location: International Daycare Toermalijn. The first group for international children between 0 to 4 years of age opened in January. English and Dutch are spoken.

The second group opened its doors on Thursday the 12th of March, the day of the official opening. This of course called for a celebration. Parents, children and staff members enjoyed some refreshments together (with international flavors and flags!).

Elisabeth Griep, who is an international daycare staff member and has been closely involved with the startup of International Daycare, received some flowers from the location manager Jacqueline de Jong. Elisabeth: ”What a great Bink team effort this has been! And my heroes are definitely the international children: they are often in a new country, new home, with two parents with new jobs, in a new daycare... and still they open up their hearts and are willing to trust us to take good care of them. The greatest show of courage and the best gift you can receive. They are an inspiration for us all.”

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