Expansion daycare centre Marimba after the summer holidays


Expansion daycare centre Marimba after the summer holidays

After the summer holidays, Marimba daycare centre on the Minckelersstraat will expand with a baby group and a preschool group. From 23 August onwards, this expansion will allow for 29 extra children per day.

During the summer holidays, playgroup Marimba and after-school care (bso) Marimba are moving to the Nassauschool on Merelstraat. The spaces that are freed up as a result will be converted into daycare group rooms.

Linda Vullers, location manager: ‘For quite some time now, we have noticed an increasing demand for childcare at our daycare centre, partly due to the new construction of Anna's Hoeve. There is structurally more demand for childcare than we have available. Because the out-of-school care and playgroup are moving, we will be able to offer siblings and new families a place, so that's great.’ In total, childcare centre Marimba has 3 baby groups and 3 preschool groups.

Parents who want a place at childcare centre Marimba can register now by calling 035 628 58 79 or e-mailing klantadvies@binkkinderopvang.nl.

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