Bink signs Musical Agreement Gooi & Vechtstreek


Bink signs Musical Agreement Gooi & Vechtstreek

Yesterday, June 16th, we proudly signed the Music Agreement! This Music Agreement is based on More music in the Class Gooi- & Vechtstreek: an initiative to stimulate music education and music as a means in the development of children. All kinds of organizations in the region that are committed to children are joining forces: school boards, cultural institutions, music schools, music associations, after-school care, teacher training colleges and conservatory, entrepreneurs, municipality, and service clubs: everyone can commit to musical education!

Social and pedagogical importance of music

Music is incredibly important for the development of children. This is shown by numerous studies. It provides a lot of fun and stimulates the development of children. Making music is something you do together and from which you learn together. By practicing with all kinds of music, children lay a solid foundation for empathy, social-emotional development, problem-solving ability, and being open to differences.

Doesn't Bink already use music every day?

As a childcare organization, we have of course been paying attention to music for much longer, such as music workshops, cool dance activities, or music lessons at the location. We sing a lot, clap, make rhythms. We often do this during daily rituals. It is precisely those “small” forms of making music that is important. By signing this agreement, we show how important we think contact with music is for all children! That is why we will pay more attention to this in the coming years and investigate how we can support schools in music education.

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