Frequently Asked Questions childcare during corona time

Frequently Asked Questions childcare during corona time

Below you find the frequently asked questions and answers about our childcare during corona time. Is your question not answered? Please send an email to

When will the out-of-school locations reopen?

The out-of-school locations will be open again as of Monday 10 January 2022, just like primary and secondary schools. We are very happy to welcome all children again. The day-care centres were already open and the playgroups will also reopen after the Christmas holidays. This means that we will function "as normal" again, with due regard for the existing corona measures, of course.

Is there again a compensation scheme from the government?

The compensation scheme that applied during the previous two closures applies again, for the period from 21 December 2021 to 10 January 2022. This means that the government compensates all parents who make use of childcare (including parents who would have started with childcare during the emergency period) and who have paid their invoice in full, up to the maximum hourly rate. This applies to both parents with and without a right to childcare benefits and/or a subsidy arrangement from the municipality. The part of the rate above will be compensated by Bink, if no use was made of emergency care. More central government information about the compensation scheme can be found here. We will inform you as soon as more is known about the date the compensation will be paid out.

What about the changed (home) testing policy?

In case of mild complaints, children no longer have to go to the GGD for a PCR test, but a self-test can be done at home. After a negative self-test, they no longer have to stay at home and children are allowed to come to the childcare facility. With a positive self-test, a GGD test must be done and you must stay at home until the result is known. This change does not apply to children who have to be tested because someone in their environment has (close contact) corona. They may take a self-test, but must still remain in quarantine, even if the result is negative. On the fifth day they must be tested by the GGD. If that test is negative, they can be removed from quarantine, as is also described in the current guidelines.

When is my child able or unable to come to a Bink location?

Until now, children with mild colds were allowed to come to the day care facilities. This so-called ‘snottebellenbeleid’, however, has now been changed:

Children aged 4 to 12 years
Children aged 4-12 years must stay at home and be tested for all symptoms associated with COVID-19, including (mild) cold symptoms (such as a runny nose, a cold, sneezing and a sore throat). If they have a negative test result, they can return to the out-of-school care facility. This is not necessary if children occasionally cough or have known chronic respiratory complaints, asthma or hay fever without fever and shortness of breath.

Children aged 0 to 4 years
For children aged 0 to 4, nothing has changed. They can come to the day care centre with only minor cold complaints. If these symptoms worsen with coughing, fever and/or shortness of breath, or if they are going to be tested and/or are awaiting the test result, they are not allowed to attend the day care centre and must stay at home.

Does the childcare also close at 5 p.m.?

The announced measure for general closing times between 5pm and 5am does not apply to childcare facilities. Our regular opening hours remain in effect.

Does my child have to wear a face mask at the out-of-school care?

In schools, children from group 6 onwards must now wear a mask, but this does not apply to children at the out-of-school care facilities, even if the location of the childcare facility is within the school.

Does my child have to wear a face mask on the Bink bus?

Our drivers ask children from group 6 to wear a face mask during transport in the Bink bus. Most children will have these with them, as they also have to wear them in the hallways at school during school hours. Otherwise, there is a box in the bus from which the driver can give them a face mask.

Does my child also have to take a preventive self-test for the out-of-school care?

Children from primary school group 6 onwards are asked to take two self-tests per week. Children going to the out-of-school care facilities do not need to take additional self-tests.

Are there 'bubbles' of groups at the out-of-school care again?

In an earlier phase of the corona pandemic, we had to work with so-called "bubbles" of groups at the out-of-school care facilities. This is not necessary at the moment. The out-of-school care groups will therefore continue in the same set-up.

Do employees have to comply with the legal 1,5 meter measure?

Childcare employees are excluded from the 1.5 metre measure for their work. However, wherever possible we will keep a 1.5 metre distance from colleagues and parents.

Can I enter my child's location?

We kindly ask you only to enter the location when absolutely necessary and to keep at least 1.5 metres distance when doing so. But also outside, when you are waiting for your child, we kindly ask you to keep 1.5 metres distance from other parents.

Will the costs for compulsory quarantine days of my children be reimbursed?

There are several corona-related situations in which a child cannot, or is not allowed to, go to childcare. For example, if there are multiple infections of employees and/or children in a group. In that case, regulations must be followed and your child must be quarantined.

Unfortunately, we cannot compensate parents for the missed childcare due to mandatory quarantine. Because we have to remain open, our costs continue in full, while we also face high replacement costs due to fewer daily available employees as a result of corona. We understand this is a pesky situation, but we hope you’ll understand.

A child or employee in my child's group has tested positive for corona. Should my child be quarantined?

As of September 20, new rules will apply for source and contact investigations. If a single child or employee from a group has corona, not everyone from that group has to be quarantined automatically. In specific situations, the GGD can still decide that children and employees must be quarantined. This is also reflected in the decision tree.

When do I have to report an infection?

To help reduce infections, it is important to alert each other as early as possible if there has been contact with someone who has tested positive for corona. Therefore, we urge you to always report it to the location if your child, you, or a family member has tested positive for corona and if your child, you, or a family member has been at the location two days or less before the first symptoms appeared. This will give us the opportunity to take appropriate measures in time and, if necessary, to alert others about the situation through communication.

Will I be compensated for my points during the lockdown period?

Over the past period we have received several requests for compensation of the points credit during the lockdown. We cannot honor these requests because you have already been fully compensated for the relevant care hours. This also means that you have not built up a right to points credit over this period. After all, you didn't pay for this. By still granting the points credit while no childcare hours have been provided, parents would be compensated too much, because these hours have already been compensated.

    What additional measures does Bink take to combat possible spread at the out-of-school care locations?

    Besides being happy about the reopening of the out-of-school care locations, you may also find this quite stressful. In any case, we are doing everything in our power to prevent infections. A small (and not complete) list of measures is:

    • We strictly adhere to the childcare protocol, which was drawn up by the sector organizations in childcare, in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) and is continuously updated to the current situation. This protocol will be made Bink-specific where necessary. Examples of guidelines we also use are our strict follow-up on the safety and hygiene measures and using the guidelines for ventilation. 
    • Furthermore, the general measures that the RIVM state, will remain valid and we will always apply them according to the latest guidelines.

    Can I apply for a compensation regulation?

    Payment of compensation 2nd lockdown period for parents with childcare benefit
    Parents who receive childcare benefit will receive a notice from the Social Insurance Bank (SVB) about the payment of the compensation around the 21st of May. This may be a letter by post or a message in the personal digital message box of the government. The compensation is expected to be paid at the end of May to parents who already receive childcare benefit. Parents who do not receive any childcare benefit can apply for the compensation.

    Application for compensation for parents without childcare benefit or municipal subsidy
    If you do not receive any childcare benefit or reimbursement from the municipality, you can apply for the compensation for the first and/or second closing period from 1 May at the Social Insurance Bank (SVB) . You will need a ‘Childcare Declaration’ (Verklaring Kinderopvang), which can be downloaded, with explanation, from the SVB website. This statement must be completed by Bink and can be mailed to: A separate ‘Childcare Declaration’ must be filled in for each child. If there is more than one contract for one child, then a separate statement should be filled out for each contract for that child. The compensation for both closing periods (spring 2020 and winter 2020/2021) will be paid to you in one go.

    Payment of the excess childcare benefit part by Bink
    You have already received the compensation for the months of January and February from Bink.
    The compensation for the months of March and April will be fully paid no later than May 12 to all parents who did not or hardly use the emergency care.

    What about my discretionary days at out-of-school care?

    As we announced in our February newsletter, we will write off the points that were accrued in the period from January 4th, 2021 until and including the last day of emergency childcare. This seems reasonable to us, as these points were not paid for. This is also a necessary step for us as it allows us to limit the losses at the out-of-school care, which are largely the result of compensation offered to parents in the segment above the hourly rate for childcare allowance.

    Following, you will find a table with the settlement of the points.

    The points credit for the out-of-school care combination contracts has meanwhile been written off for Soest, Soesterberg and Huis ter Heide. The points credit for Hilversum and for the out-of-school holiday contracts has not yet been processed. This will take place shortly, so please keep an eye on My Bink.

    Do I need to get my child tested?

    The testing of children is recommended, under certain circumstances, by the government. It is indeed up to you to choose to do so or not as it is not mandatory. It can, however, influence the period of time that a child may or may not attend childcare, playgroup or emergency out-of-school care. We want to be clear that we never have children tested, or register children to be tested, as it is always left up to the parent. We have noticed that information from media may give the impression that we are able to test a child. This is never the case.

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