Frequently Asked Questions childcare during corona time

Frequently Asked Questions childcare during corona time

Read below the frequently asked questions and answers about our childcare during corona time. Is your question not answered? Send an email to

PAY ATTENTION! Will your child soon start with childcare at Bink? In that case, the location will contact you as soon as possible about the placement of your child.


For what period of time do childcare centers close during the lockdown?

From Wednesday 16 December 2020 until at least Monday 8 February 2021, we are closed for regular childcare. We will only provide emergency childcare to children of parents with a crucial profession and vulnerable children who have a contract with us.

For whom is the emergency childcare intended?

The emergency childcare is intended for children whose both parents work in a crucial profession for the number of hours agreed in the contract, on the days on which they normally also come to the childcare centre. If one of the parents is a key worker and the other parent isn’t, the parents must, in principle, arrange the childcare themselves. If this is not possible, you can register your child for emergency care. Children whom we already take care of with a Social Medical Indication (who are in a vulnerable position) and children of the Buitenhuis (Out-of-home) project can also come to emergency care. The municipality is currently drawing up guidelines for when children are considered to be ‘vulnerable’. If these guidelines are available, we will put them on our website. 

Does Bink offer 24/7 emergency childcare?

Contrary to the first lockdown in the spring of 2020, we don’t offer 24/7 emergency day care. We also don’t offer emergency day care to non-clients.

When is emergency childcare opened?

Emergency childcare is open only during regular childcare opening hours. During school times, it is up to the schools to organize emergency childcare. Unfortunately, not all schools offer this possibility. We are unable as childcare organization to assist in providing extra emergency childcare. 

As from 4 January 2021, the schools will (in principle) arrange emergency care during school hours and we will arrange out-of-school emergency care after regular school hours. If a school, apart from the lockdown, has already designated a training day longer in advance, this will, of course, be considered as a regular non-teaching day. It is then possible, provided you qualify, to use the out-of-school care emergency childcare. For emergency childcare during school days during the day (if your child would normally attend school) please contact the school.

Information from the Government of The Netherlands concerning emergency day care can be found here.

At which locations will emergency childcare be provided?

This will be assessed per location, as the circumstances vary per location, regarding its size, the different forms of care, the number of children expected, etcetera. Your locationmanager will inform you if the emergency childcare will be taking place in your own group, in another group at your location, or at another location. It is our principle to ensure the emotional safety and to continue to provide children with responsible childcare. Within this principle and with the available staff and the number of children that are in need of childcare, it can be necessary for us to combine groups and at times also locations. It can also be the case that there are more exchanges of familiar staff members than usual. We ask for your understanding in this matter and for the fact that the decision to combine or not to combine groups or locations can change. Your location will inform you of any changes.

How do I register for emergency childcare?

Since we are in a special situation, the fixed childcare days and the requested extra days will be removed from My Bink. 

You can apply for emergency childcare by applying for an 'EXTRA DAY' (this is called an “extra day” in the system because it concerns emergency childcare, but is only to be used for days that your child also normally attends childcare). You will then see that you can choose between:
1. The request with the use of credit, or
2. The request charged by invoice.
Choose “request charged by invoice”. The fact that “request charged by invoice” is stated is for technical purposes only. There will not be any invoice sent for emergency childcare requests. Mijn Bink is set up so that all requests for emergency childcare between 16 December 2020 and 8 February 2021 will not be invoiced.

We ask you to please mention the following in the comments fields:

  • An estimate of the time you bring and pick up your child.
  • What are the professions of both parents (please specify what your function is! If you are a single parent, please also mention this) or if the fact that your child a vulnerable child is the reason of requesting childcare.

Childcare for the next day must be requested no later than 4 PM on the day before, but earlier is desirable (in the case of a request for a Monday, the Friday before is the deadline). This is necessary in order to be able to properly complete our staff schedules. That is why we can no longer handle requests that arrive after 4 PM.

Why do I have to specify my function if I want to make use of emergency childcare?

This is necessary, because we may only offer emergency childcare for children whose parents have crucial occupations. We therefore ask you to please specify what your function is. We are currently receiving indications such as “work for municipality”. In order to ensure that emergency childcare is used only by parents who have the right to do so, we need more specific information. In accordance with the cabinet’s decision, we are able to offer emergency childcare only for children whose parents have crucial occupations, or for children with special needs. Because it seems to be the case that the current demand for emergency childcare is much greater than that of the lockdown last Spring, we would like to verify extra carefully and also keep records of registrations to be able to present them to supervisors if requested.

Can I apply for a compensation regulation?

The compensation regulation as it applied during the closure last spring will apply again. This means that the government will compensate all parents who make use of childcare (and also for parents who would start childcare now) and will continue to pay their bill in full up to the maximum hourly rate. This applies to both parents with and parents without a right to childcare benefit and/or a subsidy scheme from the municipality. The extension of the lockdown after January 19 also means an extension of the compensation regulation.

The part of the rate that is higher than this will be compensated by Bink. More information from the central government about the compensation scheme can be found here.

Does Bink offer warm lunches during the emergency childcare period?

Some locations regularly offer warm lunches. Considering the special circumstances we are now facing, including different numbers of children attending per day and different dietary needs, we have made the decision that we will not be serving warm lunches during the emergency childcare period.

My front door tag no longer works. How is that possible?

Due to a lower and changing occupancy at the locations, and therefore less front door supervision, the front door tags have been deactivated and will not permit you to enter the building as of tomorrow. Should you wish to come in, please ring the doorbell?

Do I have to wear a face mask when visiting a location?

Yes, you are obliged to wear a face mask every time you visit a location. Our staff members are not wearing a face mask when working with children in the group, but will as of this date be wearing a face mask or a face screen when in contact with parents. We have noticed that our staff members have at times found themselves in a difficult situation when a parent refuses to wear a face mask, or begins a discussion about wearing one. As it is a Bink wide policy, and the staff members have no influence in this matter, we ask that you do not get into a discussion about this with the staff members and to respect our policy. This also applies to the use of hand gel. A gel dispenser is placed at the entrance which you can use to disinfect your hands. We strongly advise you to (continue to) make use of the hand gel. Staff members are allowed to refuse access inside a location if a visitor is not wearing a face mask, unless there is a medical cause for not wearing one.

My location is difficult to reach by phone. How is that possible?

Due to a lower number of staff present at locations, it can be the case that we are less easily reached per telephone during this period. We try to prevent this as much as possible by having extra staff members present, but also ask for your understanding. Should you not be able to reach us per telephone, please do not call the head office, but send a message to the group via Mijn Bink. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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