Frequently Asked Questions childcare during corona time

Frequently Asked Questions childcare during corona time

Read below the frequently asked questions and answers about our childcare during corona time. Is your question not answered? Send an email to

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION! Does your child soon start attending childcare at Bink? In that case, the location will contact you as soon as possible about the placement of your child.

Can I request an exchange day or extra day at the day care or playgroup?

No, not yet. We want to minimise the number of changes in the group composition and therefore limit contact between groups, children and parents. Besides, the corona measures are also the cause of a huge challenge to get our staffing right. As soon as exchanging days or requesting extra days is possible again, we will inform you.

Can I apply for a compensation regulation?

Government compensation scheme
The government compensates all parents who have paid their invoice in full, up to the maximum hourly rate that the Tax Authorities apply, for the period that there is / was only emergency care. This applies to both parents with and without a right to childcare allowance and/or a subsidy scheme from the municipality.

The compensation from the central government is expected to be paid in mid-April through the Social Insurance Bank (Sociale Verzekeringsbank SVB). This applies to parents who receive childcare benefits. If you make use of childcare via a municipal regulation within the framework of pre-school education, playgroup or because of a social-medical indication, you will receive a compensation via the municipality, which, as last time, will be paid via us to the bank account number known to us. The time of payment is not yet known. Further information will follow. The reference date for determining the amount of the compensation is not yet known. Has your income changed? Please inform the tax authorities as soon as possible. With a lower income, you will receive a higher childcare benefit. Log into to report a change, or use the new childcare allowance app. More information from the Dutch government about the compensation scheme can be found here.

Compensation for parents without childcare allowance or municipal subsidy scheme
If you do not receive any childcare benefit or municipal subsidy, you can apply for the compensation for the first and/or second closure period from 1 May. The compensation for both closure periods (spring 2020 and winter 2020/2021) will then be paid to you in one go. The Social Insurance Bank (Sociale Verzekeringsbank SVB) will open a desk on 1 May, from when you can apply for the compensation. We will inform you as soon as it is known how to apply at this desk.

Compensation exceeding the maximum hourly rate Tax Authorities
Until now, the part of the rate that exceeds the maximum hourly rate the Tax Authorities apply has been compensated by us for the periods of emergency care. This is a huge expense and causes us to make a loss. The period of emergency care is very long and we are not sure yet when this will stop for the out-of-school care. To limit these losses somewhat, we will no longer compensate the parents who make use of the out-of-school emergency care for the part above the maximum hourly rate from 1 March. This seems reasonable to us, since these parents are using the out-of-school emergency care and are also compensated for the most part by the government. We hope for your understanding. Those who do not use the out-of-school emergency care will continue to receive compensation for the part exceeding the maximum hourly rate.

What about my discretionary days at out-of-school care?

With most of our out-of-school care contract types, parents receive discretionary days that can be used during holidays and/or school weeks. When the current period of emergency childcare is over, we will deduct the credit that has been built up in the period from 1 January 2021 up to and including the last day of emergency childcare, just as we did after the emergency childcare period in the spring of 2020. This seems reasonable to us, because the costs during the period of emergency childcare were (almost) fully reimbursed. In addition, it is not possible to use points for holiday accommodation in the period of emergency accommodation. The same number of holiday points allocated for the entire year could lead to an excessive demand in relation to the capacity we can offer in the remaining part of the year.

When do I have to report an infection?

To help reduce infections, it is important to alert each other as early as possible if there has been contact with someone who has tested positive for corona. Therefore, we urge you to always report it to the location if your child, you or a family member has tested positive for corona and if your child, you or a family member has been at the location two days or less before the first symptoms appeared. This will give us the opportunity to take appropriate measures in time and, if necessary, to alert others about the situation through communication.

When is my child able or unable to come to a Bink location?

In principle, your child must stay at home if showing any symptoms. There is a distinction made in age, type of symptoms and being tested or not. In the “decision tree” enclosed which pertains to children from 0 years of age up until the sixth primary school grade, you are able to see exactly read how it is. The enclosed version is the most recent “decision tree”, but may still be adjusted. As there is some confusion around a stuffy/snotty nose, the government has established some special guidelines. You can find more specific background information and guidelines pertaining to your child’s stuffy nose on the following website.

What are the consequences of the quarantine regulations?

We informed you of the tightening of the quarantine regulations and the consequences hereof last Wednesday pertaining to being able to come or not. This can also be found in the decision tree. We hope that this situation will only seldomly occur. It is at this time also still unclear what the consequences pertaining to the payment of days where your child was unable to attend because of being quarantined will be. Different branch organizations are still in discussion with each other and with the government, it therefore being unable for us to make further statements at this time. We will inform you as soon as it is possible to do so.

Is my child required to wear a facemask when attending emergency out-of-school care?

In short: no. Schools have received the urgent advice to have children in primary school grades 5 and 6 wear a facemask when in the hallways if they are unable to keep distance from students from other classes. At out-of-school care, the primary groups of children remain separate from each other as much as possible. This means that the groups keep to their own room, as taking part in activities is a central component at out-of-school care. Interaction with other groups is also kept to a minimum in the hallways, which is why we do not require children to wear facemasks.

Do I need to get my child tested?

The testing of children is recommended, under certain circumstances, by the government. It is indeed up to you to choose to do so or not as it is not mandatory. It can, however, influence the period of time that a child may or may not attend childcare, playgroup or emergency out-of-school care. It is, for example, possible children of one group who must remain in quarantine because a child from the class is infected can return to childcare earlier if tested on day five and obtains a negative test result. We want to be clear that we never have children tested, or register children to be tested, as it is always left up to the parent. We have noticed that information from media may give the impression that we are able to test a child. This is never the case.

Can I continue to visit the Bink location?

Allowing a parent to enter a location remains as what has been agreed upon for the time being. If you are visiting a location and following the agreements made, we ask that you perform a health check prior to entering the building. The principle behind this request is that parents remain at home and are tested if having any symptoms. The central government has designed a poster with health check questions. It can also be adjusted as needed, so it is best to follow the “gezondheidscheck” (health check).

If you are able to answer all of the questions negatively (selecting no) and you are not experiencing any symptoms, you may enter the building (if necessary).  If you are accidentally coughing, sneezing or having to, for example, blow your nose after biking, you may select “no” as your answer.

When will your daycare centres reopen?

Our daycare centres and playgroups will be allowed to reopen as from Monday 8 February. All children aged 0 to 4 years will be welcome again on their fixed days as agreed in the contract. From then on, there will be no more emergency care. 

The out-of-school care centres will remain closed for the time being and will only remain open for emergency care. 

A child or employee in my child's group has tested positive for corona. Should my child be quarantined?

Yes, schools, daycare centres and out-of-school care centres have been informed that the entire class, and in our case the entire group, are to spend 5 days in quarantine as soon as a child or staff member tests positive. On day 5, children and staff must then be tested to be able to lift the quarantine in the event of a negative test result. We hope, of course, that this situation will occur as little as possible. The branch organisations are still further figuring out how this will work out in practice. We will further inform you on this aspect

For whom is the bso emergency childcare intended?

The emergency childcare is intended for bso children whose both parents work in a crucial profession for the number of hours agreed in the contract, on the days on which they normally also come to the childcare centre. If one of the parents is a key worker and the other parent isn’t, the parents must, in principle, arrange the childcare themselves. If this is not possible, you can register your child for emergency care. Children whom we already take care of with a Social Medical Indication (who are in a vulnerable position) and children of the Buitenhuis (Out-of-home) project can also come to emergency care. The municipality is currently drawing up guidelines for when children are considered to be ‘vulnerable’. If these guidelines are available, we will put them on our website. 

When is bso emergency childcare opened?

Emergency childcare is open only during regular childcare opening hours.

If a school, apart from the lockdown, has already designated a training day longer in advance, this will, of course, be considered as a regular non-teaching day. It is then possible, provided you qualify, to use the out-of-school care emergency childcare. 

Information from the Government of The Netherlands concerning emergency day care can be found here.

At which locations will bso emergency childcare be provided?

In connection with the new quarantine regulations, we are offering emergency care at the regular location as much as possible instead of clustering facilities. In this way we will reduce the number of contacts between children from different schools. Sometimes exceptions may be made and, if so, you will hear about it from the location manager. Without any notification from the location manager, however, the emergency childcare will be provided at the regular location from Monday 8 February onwards.

How do I register for bso emergency childcare?

In My Bink the option to request emergency childcare has been reopened as from 8 February.

You can apply for emergency childcare by applying for an 'EXTRA DAY' (this is called an “extra day” in the system because it concerns emergency childcare, but is only to be used for days that your child also normally attends childcare). You will then see that you can choose between:

1. The request with the use of credit, or
2. The request charged by invoice.

Choose “request charged by invoice”. The fact that “request charged by invoice” is stated is for technical purposes only. There will not be any invoice sent for emergency childcare requests. 

We ask you to please mention the following in the comments fields:

  • An estimate of the time you bring and pick up your child.
  • What are the professions of both parents (please specify what your function is! If you are a single parent, please also mention this) or if the fact that your child a vulnerable child is the reason of requesting childcare.

Childcare for the next day must be requested no later than 4 PM on the day before, but earlier is desirable (in the case of a request for a Monday, the Friday before is the deadline). This is necessary in order to be able to properly complete our staff schedules. That is why we can no longer handle requests that arrive after 4 PM.

Why do I have to specify my function if I want to make use of emergency childcare?

This is necessary, because we may only offer emergency childcare for children whose parents have crucial occupations. We therefore ask you to please specify what your function is. We are currently receiving indications such as “work for municipality”. In order to ensure that emergency childcare is used only by parents who have the right to do so, we need more specific information. In accordance with the cabinet’s decision, we are able to offer emergency childcare only for children whose parents have crucial occupations, or for children with special needs. Because it seems to be the case that the current demand for emergency childcare is much greater than that of the lockdown last Spring, we would like to verify extra carefully and also keep records of registrations to be able to present them to supervisors if requested.

My front door tag no longer works. How is that possible?

Due to a lower and changing occupancy at the locations, and therefore less front door supervision, the front door tags have been deactivated and will not permit you to enter the building as of tomorrow. Should you wish to come in, please ring the doorbell?

Do I have to wear a face mask when visiting a location?

Yes, you are obliged to wear a face mask every time you visit a location. Our staff members are not wearing a face mask when working with children in the group, but will as of this date be wearing a face mask or a face screen when in contact with parents. We have noticed that our staff members have at times found themselves in a difficult situation when a parent refuses to wear a face mask, or begins a discussion about wearing one. As it is a Bink wide policy, and the staff members have no influence in this matter, we ask that you do not get into a discussion about this with the staff members and to respect our policy. This also applies to the use of hand gel. A gel dispenser is placed at the entrance which you can use to disinfect your hands. We strongly advise you to (continue to) make use of the hand gel. Staff members are allowed to refuse access inside a location if a visitor is not wearing a face mask, unless there is a medical cause for not wearing one.

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